Fire Management – Pall Mall

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Challenges -
Originally constructed as serviced apartments in the 1890’s the building suffered bomb damage in WWII and was completely reconstructed in 1951 as offices for The Royal British Legion.
The façade was retained within the final development. The building was demolished, underground basement levels constructed and a seven storey office built behind the façade. The building is situated in the heart of London with a number of high profile neighbours.
This meant that health and safety and fire management was paramount as any accidents or incidents on the site would have a significant affect on the other organisations in the area.
Solution -
Due to the location the building was of significant interest both in an historical sense and to the other stakeholders. Safety Advisors were involved in the fire planning, at an early stage of the build, working with the PC to develop the temporary construction fire starategy.
A fire on the site would have a significant impact on the project and to the neighbouring buildings. Safety Advisors undertook site inspections and provided on-going advice to the PC to ensure the arrangements
for the prevention of fire and to mitigate any affects were in place throughout the construction phase.
The PC ensured high standards of health and safety were in place throughout the works and this was confirmed by Safety Advisors reviewing the physical activities and documents giving assurance both to the client and the insurers.
Results -
Compliance with the insurance industry fire prevention requirements. Minimal disruption to neighbours. Hazards effectively managed.
Skills -
Fire requirements of the HSE and Insurers
Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
Construction Health and Safety
Communication between all stakeholders
CDM knowledge


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