10 Steps to Health and Safety – 8 Review

10 Steps to Health and Safety - 8 Review

Reviewing performance is important

Periodically a review of the organisations health and safety measures should be undertaken to ensure they remain suitable for the organisation.

We suggest some items that should be reviewed including:-

  • Policy statements

Statements of commitment should be reviewed to ensure their intent remains suitable for the organisation and the hazards it faces. Most organisations review and update their statements annually but these may need to be reviewed and updated sooner such as following a significant event. Most organisations review the statements annually.

  • Procedures and safe systems of work

These should be reviewed periodically or as soon as they are identified as being unsuitable to control health and safety. Events that could identify the procedures and safe systems of work as being unsuitable include accidents, near-misses, changes in processes, changes in materials used, equipment changes etc.

  • Statistics

Statistical measurement of your organisation’s performance can help identify possible problem areas within your organisation.

Health and safety statistics

H&S statistics - are you doing enough for health and safety?

Statistics can help senior managers set health and safety improvement programmes and set objectives and targets to drive improvement.


Statistics are a good way of measuring your health and safety performance against other organisations in the field.

Take a look at the HSE’s statistics page for details of current health and safety statistic’s -  http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/

Health and safety statistics you could generate within your organisation include:-

  • of accidents per year/month compared to hours worked or persons employed
  • of days/hours worked – accident statistics should be compared to something such as days or hours worked. An increase in accidents may be as a result in more hours worked and allow a fair comparison
  • Cause of accidents – these can then be targeted to reduce accidents
  • Results of accidents e.g. cuts or days absence as a result of a health and safety incident
  • of incident free days
  • of near miss reports – often near misses are not reported but give management an insight into potential accident causation

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to statistics.

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