Toolbox Talks

What is a Toolbox Talk?

Toolbox Talks are a brief conversation with the workforce to gather feedback, refresh their knowledge and improve Health & Safety knowledge.


Carrying out Toolbox Talks isn’t a legal requirement, so why should you do them?




  • Start each day with the right attitude

Dedicate 5-10 minutes each morning for a toolbox talk to remind workers of the importance of health and safety at work. We know that accidents happen, but carrying out a toolbox talk each day will remind workers of their health and safety responsibilities.

  • Keep health & safety knowledge refreshed

 Do you remember that health and safety training course you took all those years ago? Probably not. A toolbox talk can be used to keep that knowledge fresh in the mind.

  • Stay up to date

 Things change; the law, regulations, policies etc. Keep your workers up to date and communicate any changes with them.

  • Get workers talking about health & Safety

 We get it, health and safety can be a bit boring sometimes. But daily toolbox talks will get safety in the mind and maybe spark some conversations between workers. You might find that works will help keep each other safe.  “Hey, John, don’t forget your goggles and gloves! Remember that talk on PPE we had the other day?”

  • Stay alert

To be safe at work, you need to be alert to the health and safety hazards and risks around you. Keep your workers alert, raise awareness before work starts.

  • Get in to the routine

Because toolbox talks aren’t a legal requirement, they can often get missed. If they’re carried out daily, it becomes a habit – which in turn will help workers develop a positive health and safety attitude.

  • Management commitment

 Strong leadership and good management commitment is vital to a successful health and safety strategy. A daily reminder of safe working practices is a great way to show management commitment.

  • Grow a positive health & safety culture

 Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility, but growing a positive health and safety culture at work takes time and effort. Regular toolbox talks gives workers the chance to get involved and give their feedback – which in turn creates conversations and a positive attitude to health and safety.

Every year approximately 100 people are killed during construction work (2 a week). The cost of accidents can be measured in both financial and human terms. The second of these may easily be the greater loss and have the longest and farthest-reaching effect. A few minutes spent learning how to avoid accidents represents time well spent.

Toolbox talks are a fantastic way to show that management and workers are “on the ball” with heath and safety.


For more information from the HSE on Toolbox Talks, please visit:

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