Gap Analysis – What, Why and How?

Gap Analysis

What is it?

A Gap Analysis is an audit of an organisations health and safety management system. It is an assessment against an accepted model for a health and safety management system, normally BS OHSAS18001. The assessment looks at both the management system and its application. If Gaps are identified suggests improvements to ensure an organisation is legally compliant. A Gap Analysis will help you focus your efforts and help you comply with health and safety legislation.

Why do I need a Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis will identify if there are any weaknesses in an organisations arrangements for health and safety. It will also identify if your company is or isn’t doing enough to comply with the law.

How can Safety Advisors help?

Safety Advisors will carry out a Gap Analysis of your current Health & Safety policies. We will give you our feedback on what could be improved on and help you update your policies.

Safety Advisors are currently offering you and your business a FREE Gap Analysis. Take advantage of our offer today. Call us on 01283 760802 or email

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