Construction Site Safety During Summer Holidays

Construction Site Safety During Summer Holidays

We get it, you want your children to come away from their screens, whether they be TV’s, tablets and phones. You want your kids to get some fresh air, play and enjoy the outdoors.

Construction sites can be seen as a form of entertainment for kids. Put your young person hat on for a second. All the climbing possibilities, pretending to drive diggers, fork lift trucks and lorries seems pretty appealing doesn’t it?

During 2016-2017 there were 4 members of the public fatally injured involving construction work.

While construction sites are continuing to try and improve health and safety around the UK, there are definitely still improvements to be made. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, it accounted for 30 fatal injuries during 2016-2017 and around 64,000 non fatal injuries in Great Britain each year.

At Safety Advisors, we are obviously passionate about all things Heath & Safety, but we are also passionate about keeping children safe. We understand that 6 or more weeks off school sounds appealing, but we know that kids get bored very easily.

Children do not have the ability to perceive danger in the way adults do, they imagine construction sites as playgrounds and act out games or their favourite TV programs.

Construction sites are not a source of entertainment and certainly not a place where children should be.


Businesses are encouraged to ensure their sites are safe by installing the appropriate warning and safety signs and making sure all proper precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the public (e.g. use of site hoarding and fences)


Here at Safety Advisors, we are all parents. We understand the pressures a parent faces

and we understand that there are so many things on a Mum or Dads to-dolist. However, parents shout be encouraged to speak to their children and discuss the dangers of construction sites.

Just think, a quick chat with your child could save their life!


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