Return to work COVID-19

COVID-19The governments current message is 'Stay at Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives' and this includes those who can work from home should do so however this is not always possible.

As the government considers easing the lockdown and businesses prepare to re-open workplaces what should you consider to ensure your workplace is safe for staff and others who may visit?

The HSE has produced a guidance document to assist with social distancing and working activities to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The key message is to maintain social distancing and maintain personal hygiene measures. This may lead organisations to reviewing the layout of their premises and limiting numbers of staff and visitors and providing additional washing facilities. One way systems, shift patterns, selecting the types of work and limiting visitors e.g. delivery staff etc. must all be considered and measures put in place.

Organisations should also consider ensuring they can get supplies to maintain these facilities along with a supply of PPE etc.

If anyone needs further advice please do not hesitate to contact Safety Advisors.


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