Does your PPE Meet the Correct Standards?


Is You PPE  Genuine?

Are you sure that your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is legal and its supporting documentation is genuine and relates directly to the performance of the equipment?

Counterfeit PPE and in particular, counterfeit supporting documentation are notably on the increase. Well known brands and notified bodies (authorised test houses) are being targeted and there are products being offered with dubious proof showing that this is the case.

Often these products do not perform as they should. endangering lives and exposing organisations to the risk of prosecution.

In addition to the work BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation)  have done through their registered Safety Supplier Scheme, helping to signpost PPE users to reliable suppliers who are independently audited by the BSIF, links have also been established with Government to highlight fake and incorrect documentation in order to have these organisations removed.

The BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) have produced clear guidance and a checklist, this guide offers advice on how to check if the supporting documentation for your PPE is genuine and what to do if you are concerned.



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