COVID-19 virus workplace assessment

Following Boris Johnson's speech to the nation on 10th May 2020 announcing changes in the lockdown arrangements and encouraging people to return to work a number of businesses and organisations have contacted us as they are unsure of what they need to do to ensure staff can return safely to work.

The Prime Minister also announced changes to exercise arrangements and meeting a person from another family. Following the speech further details regarding the re-opening of garden centres, golf courses, tennis courts etc. have also been announced.

Boris Johnson's speech.
Boris Johnson's speech.

The No.1 question our clients are asking is, "How do I know if the arrangements I have in place are suitable?".

The COVID-19 virus is a known hazard and whilst most people who are confirmed with the virus recover a number do not and unfortunately die from the virus therefore the virus must be considered as a high-hazard.

Safety Advisors can undertake a COVID-19 assessment workplace which reviews the workplace, the activities that are undertaken, the staff who will use the premises and how the virus can enter the premises and spread amongst the people who use the premises.

Directors and Senior Managers

Undertaking a specific COVID-19 workplace assessment makes good sense to any organisation considering returning to work. Directors and Senior Managers can get assurance that they have suitable arrangements in place to protect staff etc. or where improvements are identified what they must do to improve and make the workplace as safe as possible for their staff.

Staff returning to work

Staff returning to work will also gain reassurance that the organisation has been assessed by an independent organisation who have undertaken a specific COVID-19 workplace assessment and that the arrangements the management have implemented are reasonable, given the latest information we know on the virus and how it can be spread in the workplace.

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