Justin has been the Director of Safety Advisors since 2011. and has over 30 years experience in the Construction industry and 8yrs in Aviation.

Justin heads up the Health and Safety Consultancy side of Safety Advisors, which brings daily challenges within a wide range of industries. Justin is committed to making the managing of Health & Safety both simple and painless.

Before moving into Health and Safety and Aviation Safety Justin was involved in a number of senior management roles within various organisations.

"People often forget that we employ people and have to be compliant with the same Health and Safety laws as they do", says Justin.

Browse our Client Projects page https://www.safetyadvisors.co.uk/portfolio/# and see our portfolio of projects that Safety Advisors has been involved with.

Outside of work Justin has a number of hobbies and interests including:-

  • Sailing - holds the Yacht-master qualification
  • Running - has run a number of marathons under 3hours
  • Wakeboarding
  • Shooting
  • Tennis

Justin De-Vere is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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