By understanding your organisation and the specific hazards it faces Safety Advisors work with you to address those hazards. We are not risk averse but more focussed on risk management. Our team of consultants are highly trained and knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. Before focussing on health and safety most of our consultants came from a non-health and safety background and so have significant “real world” knowledge of the sectors they are involved in.

Our knowledge is diverse with knowledge of health and safety, fire protection and management and aviation safety and inspection. Having knowledge of a subject is only part of a successful delivery of any training. All our consultants, who provide training, have nationally and internationally recognised qualifications to deliver training along with specific knowledge of the subject to be delivered.Safety Advisors have a number of consultants who have specific aviation qualifications to undertake safety inspections. These reports are provided to members of the various International Air Transport Association (IATA) pools and assist with the safety of air travel.

We are involved in the management of health and safety and fire management for some of the best organisations and some of the most recognisable landmark buildings in the world. Our success is a result of our contribution to our clients success.